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How to Get World Class Real Estate Marketing Funnels without Complicated Tech or High Expense
Simply Lease Marketing Space on My Platform and You'll Be Set!
My unique approach to search engine marketing (PPC) consistently generates mid range and high end buyers AND gets you listing leads Automatically.
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How to Get High End Buyer and Seller Leads in Real Estate
Reason: 1 

Help You Sell Homes at Higher Prices

Optimizing Real Estate PPC Campaigns
Reason 2: 

Save You Money with Direct Media Buys

Demographic Targeting in Real Estate Marketing
Reason 3: 

Make Smart Decisions for You

John Beutler
Century 21 Beutler & Assoc.
I am writing this letter of recommendation with great enthusiasm for Bryan Short because that is what he brings with his marketing platforms.

Bryan has worked for me approximately 3 years and was tireless in his efforts. He made my job easier, allowed me to concentrate on working with clients while his marketing strategies, technology, and campaigns brought a significantly higher amount of leads then I previously had. Bryan is an asset to anyone he works with.
Remarketing Ads for Real Estate Agents
Reason: 4 

Automate Your Influence

PPC leads for real estate daily estimates
Reason 5: 

Send You Profitable Leads Any Day of the Week

Global Marketing Opportunities for Real Estate Agents
Reason 6: 

Expand Opportunities You Never Considered

Watch the Video Here and Join The Email List to Get Pricing Details + the Case Studies PDF
As the manager of a 20 person team I have lot on my schedule, by networking with Bryan I’ve been able to step up the lead flow in quantity and quality.

Now we’re only targeting the mid range and high end segment of our market. 

If you get a chance to work with Bryan Short I think you’ll love it, he’s been a great asset to my team and total marketing plan.
Ross Winchel
Royal Shell Real Estate
The Koffman Team
Optimizing Bing and Adwords for Real Estate PPC
Reason: 7 

Optimize Your Campaigns for Long Term Profits

Digital Farming for Real Estate Agents
Reason 8: 

Target Niches for Riches

How to Get Listings with Digital Marketing for Realtors
Reason 9: 

Help You Get More Listings

Karl Freund
Kenneth James Realty
Working in the hyper-competitive Scottsdale market can be rewarding but also a major challenge. 

I brought Bryan onto my team for his insights and techniques, he’s great at setting up reliable systems for lead flow. He even worked with me on some landing pages that consistently convert over 12%. 

I wish I would have met him YEARS ago. Thanks for all your help Bryan, I appreciate it.
Bing VS Adwords in Real Estate
Reason: 10 

Google Adwords + Microsoft Bing

Voice Search in Real Estate Marketing
Reason 11: 

Send You Live Inbound Phone Calls

How much do adwords clicks cost in real estate marketing budget
Reason 12: 

Create Scalable Campaigns + Automations

As I continue to expand my business I’m always masterminding with top agents across the country. One thing many of the top teams have in common is a talented media buyer (ppc manager) since I have that in place I know I can simply throttle my leads up or down depending on my needs. 

PPC campaigns have worked so well for me I’m clearing 10x ROI and even adding buyers agents in different market areas. Lenders are coming on board too. The leads range from “I need to sell before I buy” to several months out. Overall it’s been a great experience, Bryan is super talented in strategy as well as execution.
Jordan Terrell 
Atlas Realty
Watch the Video Here and Join The Email List to Get Pricing Details + the Case Studies PDF
Buyers Agents Get Leads
Reason: 13 

You Go on Vacation While Your Buyers Agent Works!

Voice Search is on the Rise in Real Estate
Reason 14: 

Tap Into the Power of Voice Search

Bryan Short is Great at Real Estate Marketing
Reason 15: 

Talent and Irrational Passion. The Hidden Keys to Profit in Any Market. 

Nathan Hollis
Path Realty
Bryan Short has been the most effective person I’ve hired in the past 2 years. 

He did exactly what he told me he would and came through big time on results.

Now my buyers agents are booking appointments when I’m on vacation. Consumers are now starting to naturally come around my brokerage Path Realty, and that feels amazing!
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