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on Real-world experience

Did you know the average ad rep has less than a year of experience and they have NEVER managed their own money...and the average PPC manager via the IDX platforms has NEVER sold real estate?

Sort of makes sense why we beat their ROI numbers so consistently. Our CEO (Bryan Short) started selling real estate in 2006 and learned PPC on his own money back in 2008 while running affiliate campaigns for dozens of industries.

Today the sole focus of RealEstateTrainingLabs is based on 3 Key Elements.

Tracking and Audience Filtering

Search PPC / IDX Integration

Sales Choreography and Decision Making Sequences

Expert Consulation

We turn down clients all the time if they aren't a good fit. No hard pitch, simply helpful advice and guidance on PPC strategy. We don't sugarcoat the reality of real estate lead gen.

Discover & Strategy

Imagine for a moment you could run a campaign in your market that was ALREADY hyper profitable for 5+ years in dozens of other markets. Wouldn't that make more sense than testing your own ideas or learning on your own ad budget?

Technical PPC Implimentation

According to industry sources click fraud will waste nearly 25% of advertisers budget.

Here's an example of how much a client saves with us in a 90 day period.

Holistic Approach to

PPC Consultancy & Management

We help agents with the core elements of a successful marketing campaign. By bolting on our software and audiences to their existing IDX platform agents are able to dramatically improve their revenue per sale and consistency of production.

Why People Choose Us

We’d love to help you create more happy clients.

Reach out to us and tell us about your market, experience, and existing media channels.

Please have a ballpark ROI for the rolling 12 months as that will make our time together more productive.


Counties and Geo Areas Available


Targeted Ads Running Simultaneously


Average Conversion


Guaranteed to NOT work if you don't try it.

Services We Provide

Search Ads

Quite possible the smartest way to spend money in real estate aside from taking past clients to lunch.

Light Website Audits

Before launching campaigns we bring all client sites up to speed with the latest tracking and double check their tech setup / pages / legal compliance etc.

Keyword Research

The majority of our clients (even those with small budgets) are running hundreds of different niches / areas and specific keyword variations.

Content Marketing

We don't DO content marketing for clients, however we DO give examples and frameworks so they can model and create better offers and pitches for their leads and sequences.

Technical PPC

Need to go after new construction but now sure how to get around the trademarks and crazy bids the builders are putting out there? We've done it for years, and it's a default in all our client accounts.

PPC Decisions

Not sure about lead routing, when to scale, adding a lender, developing a new or geographical market outside your core market. Set up a call and let's dig in.

Campaign Mapping

The IDX platforms do a decent job doing this out of the box but in many cases we'll find 15-32% of the pages have errors...so if you are planning on building a campaign off a raw site map it's a bad idea.

Link Building

Want to grow your local presence and footprint among the directory sites. We have a software that can make that very simple and consistent.

Website Redesigns

Combining the graphics and local market images is an important aspect of having a well functioning and "believable" online presence. We don't build sites or do re-designs but we know the best providers in the industry and have a non affiliate relationship with them.

Do you need a Consultation?

No hard pitch, just a solid conversation with clarity and help.

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