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Our CEO Bryan Short started his real estate marketing background with his parents publishing company TheRealEstateBook back in the late 90's. After completing his anthropology major (Psych - Spanish minors) Bryan sold real estate for Century 21 and RE/MAX and performed on high producing teams upwards of 200 sides a year from just 3 agents.

Currently RealEstateTrainingLabs ONLY focuses on search media buys for the real estate industry, but the methodology and sales sequencing has been used in a wide variety of industries ranging from: Class Action Legal, Home Services, eCommerce, and more.

Why People Choose Us


Counties and Geo Areas Available Throughout the United States and Canada


Targeted Ads Running Simultaneously


Average Conversion with Consumers 30-150% Above Market Median.in Sales Price


Guaranteed to NOT work if you don't try

Our mission is to

empower agents to new levels of consistency in production.

Relying on referrals or using too many forms of marketing are common issues agents face. We can make the process of targeting, tracking, and converting leads far more simple. It's a lot of work but the probabilities of success are very high for our clients.

  • We do NOT pay affiliates

  • Cancelling is as simple as a text or email

  • No hard sales or sugar coating, we'll tell you everything you need to know on our discovery call

Our Standards

Being Relevant

Be FOUND at the TOP of Google and Microsoft for incredible keywords like high end neighborooods or niches.

Memorable Branding

Learn how our Sale Choreoraphy Sequences dramatically boost the consumers memory of your brand and offer.

Positive Impact

The sooner you learn how to sell to wealthy people the more rapidly you become wealthy as a result.


Discover strategies we pioneered back in 2008 and why they still work today with zero changes. Forget shinny objects, focus on what works and what is trackable to ROI

Multidisciplinary Team

Google Sheets Nerds to Photography Skills and in Person Presentations our members have a wide range of skills and understand use cases.

Recent Technology

Leave Google Analytics / Tag Manger / Pixels / Digital Fingerprinting etc. to us. We'll get all that sorted in onboarding.

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