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I Work my Ass off For My Clients and it Shows!
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 I've been managing super profitable real estate marketing since 2006:))
James Haim Glik
Beachfront Realty
Miami FL
$1.4m in One Closed Buyer Lead
I hired Bryan Short to create custom campaigns for my market and the results have been WAY better than what I had before. My previous manager was sending me leads at $200k at $40 per lead and Bryan's are consistently above $350k and only costing me $8-12 per lead. 

In many cases much higher than that. For instance, I just closed on a home at $1.4m which was from the niche campaigns Bryan set up for me. He's been super responsive in helping me with my business and really consistent in delivering leads. 

My cost per lead went down dramatically and the quality went up double or triple. He's a pro, so if you get a chance to work with him I think you'll really get a lot out of it. His understanding of consumer psychology is really helping me take my business to the next level.
Bryan's custom PPC campaigns work great! I got a $600k cash buyer the first month that I closed within 30 days. Working on a couple other buyers. Have another agent in my office also signing up with It’s the best value out there. I really appreciate Bryan’s expertise and recommend him highly!!
Lori Galarza
RE/MAX Central
Las Vegas NV
Mike Bass
Century 21 Beutler & Assoc.
Spokane WA
Bryan was instrumental in helping me re-brand and market a luxury neighborhood in Spokane WA called Casa Bella. I had taken over the project after a 4 year dip in sales where the previous agent barely sold any lots or custom homes.

After explaining my thoughts on the project to the developer, Bryan was able to handle the photography, digital ads, direct mail, website, and even wrote the financing promotion. Now we’ve sold nearly all the lots and closed on several high-end custom homes. Thanks Bryan!
 #6 in the United States for a National Referral Group.
If you are looking for someone to handle your ad spend like it's their own money hire Bryan Short. 

In the brief time we've been working together he created campaigns from scratch in my area and sends so much good traffic and leads my sales team has hit #6 in the United States for a national referral group. 

It's been well worth putting him on my team, last month alone we brought in 8 closings that we wouldn't have had otherwise. Get organized, get ready, and start building your pipeline, Bryan can help you for sure. I didn't have to deal with any of the boring stats, spreadsheets, or tech, I just get a consistent flow of leads exactly how and where I want. He can flex a budget for sure! 

Thanks Bryan..
Greg Steiniger
Homes For Sale Network
St. Pete FL
Prior to connecting with Bryan Short I was knocking doors for a team and getting nowhere. 

60 days into Bryan’s custom ppc campaigns I had over 340 leads with several in escrow and tons more on the phone and in different stages of the process.

One of the highlights is the multi-million dollar retirees coming into my market. Cash buyers in the millions is something I never had door knocking.
Ben Thompson
Royal LePage
Kelowna BC
James McDowell
Anchor Realty
Conway SC
I hired Bryan to create some custom PPC campaigns for my market.

He’s got me buyer leads at far higher prices, we’ve been able to speak with several and we’re working on some now to sell their property. If you’re considering doing pay per click he’s been well worth what I’ve invested so far!
$28,000 in Commission in First 30 Days
Don't waste your time trying out other PPC managers like I did. 

My previous PPC company was great to work with and brought me leads, but they were generic in nature and tended to be in the lower price range. Yes there was a decent ROI, but I felt I could be doing much better. 

I noticed a difference with Bryan's management style almost immediately. His leads were much more specific, high end and as a result closer to buying/selling. After my first month with Bryan I already have $28,000 in commission scheduled for next month. 

The quantity and quality of leads has jumped substantially for the same amount I was paying with the previous PPC firm. This is a huge shift for my business happening RIGHT NOW. I anticipate great things as we move forward and highly recommend Bryan Short for his niche marketing and unique advertising strategy.

Almost daily now (thank you) I'm getting somebody in the million dollar price range signing up on my site. THANKS BRYAN!
Jason Beal
Executive Realty Services
Las Vegas NV
Doug Elliot
Elliot Team REALTORS®
Fairfax VA
I’d been using PPC traffic prior to working with Bryan, but the issue was the leads were at a pretty low price point and not very targeted. 

Once I had a conversation with him he was able to fine tune my campaigns and create two budgets, one for my area and one for my buyers agent (who works in a different market). This is a huge advantage for me, now I can keep her busy with leads and I still have plenty in my own area. Price points and lead quality have been great!
$5m of $12m in Production is from Bryan's Leads
I’ve been through 3 stages of trying ppc traffic.

1: Doing it myself (that didn’t work well).

2: Hiring a well known and national agency (worked pretty good but frustrated by 2 things, relatively expensive click costs and median price leads.

3: Hiring Bryan Short, I spoke to him at length about his strategies and found they were far different than what others are doing. He’s extremely detail oriented. I found two things happening once he was managing my campaigns. First my costs per click went down considerably AND my price ranges went up DRAMATICALLY.
Michael Kanehl
Laurel Agency
Vero Beach FL
Melissa Mayther
Century 21 Beutler & Assoc.
Spokane WA
When Jacqui Short (Bryan's wife and team member in real estate) had to head out of town for a few weeks I took over her inbound leads. It was crazy, my phone was ringing all the time and there were new website leads every day. 

If you need help with your lead generation be sure to get in touch with Bryan, he knows what he's doing for sure. 
Bryan’s in depth knowledge and proven experience in print advertising, direct mail, digital and social media produces amazing results. 

For instance, our office had been running a full back page in the newspaper for quite some time. Bryan created a new ad spot in just a tiny portion of the newspaper about 4x4 inches and it brought in 20 seller leads in just two weeks, our other ad only did 1 lead.
John Williams
Sotheby's Int. Realty
Coeur d'Alene ID
Karl Freund
Kenneth James Realty
Scottsdale AZ
Working in the hyper-competitive Scottsdale market can be rewardingbut also a major challenge. 

I brought Bryan onto my team for his insights and techniques, he’s great at setting up reliable systems for lead flow. He even worked with me on some landing pages that consistently convert over 12%. 

I wish I would have met him YEARS ago. Thanks for all your help Bryan, I appreciate it.
As the manager of a 20 person team I have lot on my schedule, by networking with Bryan I’ve been able to step up the lead flow in quantity and quality.

Now we’re only targeting the mid range and high end segment of our market. 

If you get a chance to work with Bryan Short I think you’ll love it, he’s been a great asset to my team and total marketing plan.
Ross Winchel
Royal Shell Real Estate
The Koffman Team
Cape Coral FL
Albert Garcia
The Garcia Team
RE/MAX Pinnacle Group II
Fort Worth TX
I feel like I stumbled on a pot of gold with Bryan. In my first 3 weeks I got 55-65 leads, had a listing appointment. Bryan even helped me with an unconventional strategy to get them off the fence about selling. 

Previewed a home at $338k for a cash buyer from California. Showed a condo at $285k, the best part about that one is that they need to sell in order to buy, so I've got another opportunity there. 

Bryan did exactly what he said he would and I'm looking forward to building my pipeline. Oh, and I have another one in escrow at $290k from Bryan’s leads. Thanks Bryan!
I’ve been using PPC for quite some time so I have a decent feel for how these things go. Once I spoke to Bryan on the phone it was really clear he’s doing a lot of things that other PPC managers are not doing. 

Once he set up all my campaigns and we worked together on fine tuning the results it’s been a big improvement. He encouraged me to spend more and it’s been great advice. 

I’m maximizing my companies brand, getting tons of leads, and the best part is the price ranges have gone up dramatically. For instance, I just got a showing appointment for a $900k condo. 

It happened just like Bryan said, the person searches for a specific building, and then they become a lead in my CRM. In this instance, they booked the showing based off my emails being sent for “price updates” so now I understand why Bryan was always talking about how the “email return path” is super important over the long run. 

As an agent its important to have someone on your team that can set this all up for you and keep it running. Many agents, like myself, don’t have someone on staff or at their office to do this so hiring Bryan Short as my media buyer has been a great option. Thanks again Bryan!
Matthew Allen 
Sotheby's Int Realty
Washington DC
$3M in Buyer Rep Agreements - Brand New Agent 60 Days into Business~
I met Bryan over a decade ago when he was my agent during a relocation move from California to Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Talk about coming full circle on this. Now Bryan is helping me launch my business in real estate. Since I started working with Bryan right away I've had a very consistent flow of leads, so far I've got $3M in signed buyer representation agreements, and I've got lots of people at various stages. 

It's been great to start brand new career having new leads coming in every day thanks to this system. There are people at my office that don't get 1/10 the leads and agreements signed that I do after just 90 days in the business. The best part is that I'm reaching out to people who are in the active buying process.
Julie Paterson 
Windermere Realty
Coeur d'Alene ID
Nathan Hollis
Path Realty Realty
Nashville TN
Bryan Short has been the most effective person I’ve hired in the past 2 years. 

He did exactly what he told me he would and came through big time on results.

Now my buyers agents are booking appointments when I’m onvacation. Consumers are now starting to naturally come around my brokerage Path Realty, and that feels amazing!
As I continue to expand my business I’m always masterminding with top agents across the country. One thing many of the top teams have in common is a talented media buyer (ppc manager) since I have that in place I know I can simply throttle my leads up or down depending on my needs. 

PPC campaigns have worked so well for me I’m clearing 10x ROI and even adding buyers agents in different market areas. Lenders are coming on board too. The leads range from “I need to sell before I buy” to several months out. Overall it’s been a great experience, Bryan is super talented in strategy as well as execution.
Jordan Terrell 
Atlas Realty
Westminster CO
John Beutler
Century 21 Beutler & Assoc.
Coeur d'Alene ID
I am writing this letter of recommendation with great enthusiasm for Bryan Short because that is what he brings with his marketing platforms.

Bryan has worked for me approximately 3 years and was tireless in his efforts. He made my job easier, allowed me to concentrate on working with clients while his marketing strategies, technology, and campaigns brought a significantly higher amount of leads then I previously had. Bryan is an asset to anyone he works with.
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